CARE 2020
International Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Positive Technology and Elderly Wellbeing


Life expectancy horizon is in continuous growth, with an arising socio-economical needs of supporting the aging population. If this is stimulating a considerable research effort in the ICT field, there is a big gap between the complexity of available ICT devices and the needs of fragile individuals.

Positive Technology (PT) is a new paradigm investigating how ICT-based applications and services can be used to foster positive growth of individuals, organizations, and society. It refers to technologies designed for improving the quality of personal experience with the goal of increasing wellness, and generating strengths and resilience in individuals, organizations, and society.

PT could be framed in the wider notion of Ambient Assistive Living (AAL) while focusing on the holistic wellness of people, taking into account the cognitive, emotional and social wellbeing. Thanks to the advances in sensor technologies, and scientific findings, this field is in rapid growing and its application for monitoring and promote elderly wellbeing has become a concrete possibility.

Call for papers

This workshop aims at bringing together the most recent advances of Intelligent Systems, for Positive Technology and elderly wellbeing, investigating a wide range of topics covering (but not limited to) the following:

  • Emotion recognition
  • Social interaction analysis
  • Facial expression analysis
  • Body gesture analysis
  • Human behaviour analysis
  • Physiological signal analysis
  • Ecological datasets
  • Mood induction
  • Virtual reality as a positive technology
  • Intelligent cognitive assistants
  • Activities of Daily Living recognition
  • Emotion-aware ambient intelligence
  • Natural Human-Computer Interaction

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